Game Jam 

Game Jam 

Par: Michaël Bourbeau

« Every time you fail, you are learning more… »

Learning to make games can be a hazardous journey. Understanding the intricacies of the game engine (the program in which you make the game), the syntax for the scripting (the code you write to make things work) and developing the correct mindset for debugging and getting the wanted output for all your work can lead to many headaches and frustrations. But all that is worth it because every time you fail, you are learning more. It develops your ability to analyze situations and organize your thoughts.  Seeing the fruit of that pain brings you much joy. 

Game development is a skill that is improved by trials and errors. But failing repeatedly on a project is depressing for anyone. So, to improve yourselves, try new things, communicates, learn, and have fun. Game makers are organizing events called “Game Jams.” Game jams are events in which one must create a game from scratch, while respecting the time limit, rules and theme announced with the Jam. Jams varies in lengths, while some last a full week, others can last for only a weekend. Some of them allow to work in teams but others can be solo only.  

The possibilities for a Jam are endless and the themes mostly open for interpretationsLet’s take for example the following theme “Less is More.” For some, this theme would fit with a game in which the less life the player has, the stronger the character will hit. While for others, the theme could fit for a puzzle game where the less moves you make, the more scores you gain. It could even be a game in which you lose something because of your choices but in the end, the result of your loss is even bigger than what was lost 

Orson Welles said: “The enemy of art is the absence of limitations.” By having to complete your goal with restrictions and deadlines, you train yourself to think differently. By doing so, you can find possibilities and solutions you would otherwise never think of, to the problems you face. And as such, the limitations that the Jams puts on you, can breed many gameplay and stories you would never think of if you stayed in your comfort zone. 

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